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At Danceworks PAS, we offer a range of classes to suit all people and all levels.
Jazz is one of the most popular styles of dance. Students participate in activities to help enhance their flexibility, coordination, style and rhythm. All classes learn the different styles of jazz, from funk to classic Broadway. In all classes students have the option of completing their exams, however these are not compulsory, but they are good for students to gain recognition and achievement for their hard work throughout the year.
All kids love to make noise with their feet!!! Tap is an incredibly fun and noisy form of dance. This helps students to improve their coordination, timing and footwork. Students will learn about the classic and basic styles of tap, and the newer more modern stomp style, which is performed by the Tap Dogs. Exam work is a core component of each tap lesson to learn correct technique, however, tap exams are not compulsory.
Ballet is considered the foundation for all dance. It teaches posture, strength, technique, flexibility, confidence and graceful movement. And while it can be one of the most beautiful styles of dance, it is not for everyone. Students wishing to complete senior level jazz exams are required to attend one ballet class a week, to assist in technique development. Again BDA ballet work is taught to each class throughout the year, however exams are not compulsory.
Danceworks newest facet of dance is Modern Expressive/Contemporary. Just like you see on 'So you think you can dance'; Junior, Senior and Ladies Modern classes focus on strength, flexibility, technique and feeling in dance. At the moment we are not offering exams in these classes, but students will be performing an expressive and a contemporary piece in the end of year concerts!
Hip Hop
This is the most popular form of dance this year!! Students are taught how to move like all their favourite pop, RnB and hip hop artists. Hip Hop promotes style and creativity. Students will dance to all the latest beats with all the latest moves!
Tiny Dancers
This class is a 30 or 45min class for boys and girls 2 to 5 years old. During the class our little tinys do jazz, ballet and tap! We feel that offering all three types of dance, gives them an exciting taste of what's to come when they grow up!! Each tiny tot class has a minimum of 2 teachers to ensure that each child gets the attention and support they require as they begin their exciting journeys in dance! 
Singing classes are offered from 3 up! Our tiny's singing class focuses on developing correct breathing and singing techniques from an early age while singing their favourite nursery rhymes and Disney songs. Our Intermediate and Senior singing classes learn more indepth correct singing techniques including increasing range, improving projection, identifying pitch and developing stage presence and presentation. Private lessons are also offered, as is the opportunity to sing in eisteddfods and shows/talent quests.
This is an exciting class where students are taught the skills to become great actors! The class includes taking part in fun drama games, while also improving their improvisation and scripted acting skills. Staging and presentation techniques are also focussed on as the group prepares for their act at the end of year concert.

This class is for students who which to learn tumbling.  Correct technique is taught for cartwheels, rolls, walk overs, hand springs, back flips and all that the student is capable of executing. Not only do the students get taught tricks to do on their own, but they also learn partner and team stunts / tricks.  All that is learnt can be used as an acrobatic performance or combined with their dance routines.  If you haven’t tried Acrobatics before you should give this a go, its exciting and you learn things you never thought you would be able to do.


Adult Tap, Jazz & Modern
Adults classes are offered in tap, jazz and modern, these classes are all about fun and fitness! Men and ladies of all ages are welcome to come and learn basic skills and technique. Be ready to work those muscles though!
Private Lessons and Performance Group
These are by invitation only. Private lessons are offered to students who consistently work hard in class and selected students attend an extra one-on-one class to learn solo routines each week. These are offered in both dance and singing. Performance groups represent the studio at eisteddfods and shows. To be asked to be part of this group students must show dedication and skill in all dancing styles.