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In this class your child will be learning jazz, tap and ballet technique.


Jazz: This is a high energy, fun and fast paced style of dance. Students will learn jazz technique including jumps, turns and kicks as well as jazz combinations. 

Tap: Students learning Tap, will develop rhythm, timing and musical awareness. Students learn how to make music with their feet as well as tap combinations and technical work. 

Ballet: is the foundation of all dance technique and is a great way for students to gain muscle control that will help all other areas of their dancing.  It is known for its uniqueness such as turn out, high extensions, graceful flowing movements and pointe work. 


All jazz, tap & ballet classes are taught to age appropriate music, in a fun, friendly and positive environment.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in our annual exams. This is a fantastic way to receive recognition for all their hard work throughout the year. 



Hip Hop is a popular, energetic street dance style performed to hip hop music.  In this class students, will learn different styles of hip hop including dance hall, house, popping and locking. 



Learn to express yourself through movement whilst gaining strength and flexibility.  This class emphasises dynamic movements that are emotive and dramatic, based on classical technique.  Students will learn a variety of combinations as well as strength and flexibility.



Our singing classes are so much fun. Students learn singing techniques, scales and a variety of songs.



Our acro classes aim to develop students tumbling skills, core stability, strength, technique and flexibility. We teach the students skills to match their abilities.  Skills such as bridges, cartwheels, handstands, walkovers and bahranis.  They also learn to work with partners and in groups to create balances and shapes. 



This class is great for your budding actor / actress.  The students learn acting skills through games and plays.  This class is a real confidence booster and sees kids come out of their shell and really express themselves. 


Cheerleading has many different forms.  Here at Danceworks we do Pom.  Pom focuses on lines, formations, jumps and sharp arm movements.  It also incorporates tumbling tricks.  It is highly recommended to take an acro class with cheerleading.  Students will have opportunities to perform at Dance Spectaculars at NRL games and similar. 



2021 YEAR 2 & 3 CLASSES



4.30 – 5.00           Technique/Conditioning

5.45 – 6.30           Junior Acrobatics

6.30 – 8.00           Year 2/3 JTB



4.00 – 4.45           Junior Lyrical

4.45 – 5.30           Junior Hip Hop

5.30 – 6.00           Drama

6.00 – 6.45           Junior Musical Theatre

6.45 – 7.15           Junior Singing



10.00 – 10.45      Cheerleading

10.45 – 12.15      K – 2 JTB