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Welcome to Danceworks Performing Arts Studio 2020.  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and the festive season.  Danceworks Performing Arts Studio (DWPAS) pride ourselves on being a funfriendly and affordable dance studio.  In 2019, we offered students many opportunities including performing at competitions, on P & O Explorer, school fetes and Macarthur Square Christmas Parade amongst other things.  We aim to teach students in an environment that is open and friendly, giving students the opportunity to excel and at the same time having fun and loving the performing arts, just as our teachers do.  2020 will be another exciting year ahead for us here at DWPAS.  We have launched Ready Set Ballet & Tiny Tumblers and added more classes to our weekly timetable.  I really look forward to a fantastic year ahead and ask that if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss. Amy






  • No smoking on any premises, including the car park
  • Students should not enter the studios without the teacher, if you arrive early please do not enter the studios
  • Students should arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of class and should have their shoes on ready to start on time
  • Children should be supervised at all times by their parent or guardian, whilst not in class
  • All students and parents are expected to be kind, friendly and respectful of one another
  • Whilst waiting for your class, please keep all noise to a minimum
  • No parents should enter classes unless specifically invited in by the teacher, open days are held through the year where parents are able to watch their child’s class
  • No parents or students should enter the uniform shop without a staff member
  • All students should be in full uniform at all times, unless granted permission by their teacher or the Studio Director. Please see the uniform list for required uniform


DWPAS stock all our own uniforms, stockings and dance shoes.  Our uniform is navy, hot pink and white and is designed specifically for DWPAS.  Students must have their hair pulled back into a ponytail for all classes and for ballet hair must be in a bun.  Boys should have their hair neat and tidy.  All students must be in DWPAS uniform for all classes.  Students may wear any DWPAS uniform items, except for ballet.  All students must wear the correct ballet uniform for all ballet classes.

No jewellery is to be worn during any class.  Jewellery will be asked to be removed and will be the responsibility of the student.

Ballet students must be in full ballet uniform – pink / navy leotard, stockings, DWPAS ballet skirt (junior grades only) and hair in a bun.   Students must wear the following shoes:-



Year 1, 2, 3, 4

Jazz/MT - Tan split sole, slip on

Tap - Tan Slick pro’s

Ballet - Pink with elastic

Lyrical - Half soles

Hip Hop/Cheer – any sneakers




5, 6, 7

Jazz/MT – Black split sole, slip on

Tap – Tan Slick Pro’s

Ballet – Pink with ribbon

Lyrical – Half soles

Hip Hop/Cheer – any sneakers


















Pre-Seniors Seniors

Jazz – Black split sole, slip on

Tap – Black Slick lace up

Ballet – Pink with ribbon

Lyrical – Half soles

Hip Hop/Cheer – any sneakers



Jazz – Black split sole, slip on

Tap – Tan Slick Pro’s

Lyrical – Half soles











Hip Hop, Cheer & Musical Theatre (MT) – specific shoes will be required for the concert



All students are required to wear tan convertible stockings for tap, jazz, hip hop, acro & modern.  For ballet, students wear pink ballet stockings. All stockings are sold through the studio.


READY SET DANCE      READY SET BALLET                 TINY TUMBLERS                        READY SET BOYS

RSD uniform                 RSD Uniform                             RSD Uniform                              RSD shirt

Tan stockings                Ballet stockings                         Tan convertible stockings             Black shorts

Tan jazz shoes               Ballet shoes with elastic             Bare feet                                   Black socks

Tan tap shoes                                                                                                                Black jazz & ballet

                                                                                                                                     Black tap shoes


Danceworks have our own uniform shop, where all uniforms and shoes can be purchased.



Dance / Singing / Drama / Acro / Cheer / Musical Theatre

1 class $11.00 per week / $55.00 ½ Term (5 weeks)

2 classes $20.00 per week / $100.00 ½ Term (5 weeks)

3 classes $28.50 per week / $142.50 ½ Term (5 weeks)

4 classes $36.00 per week / $180.00 ½ Term (5 weeks)

5 classes $42.50 per week / $212.50 ½ Term (5 weeks)


Junior Combined Classes

1 hour classes $13 per week / $65.00 ½ Term (5 weeks)

1 ½ hour classes $20.00 per week / $100.00 ½ Term (5 weeks)


Private Lessons

15 min class $15.00 per week / $75.00 ½ Term (5 weeks)

20 minute class $20 per week / $100.00 ½ Term (5 weeks)

30 minute class $30 per week / $150.00 ½ Term (5 weeks)


Unlimited Classes $55.00 per week

(excludes Private Lessons & Performance Group)


Ready Set Dance (RSD)      $15.00 per lesson / $75.00 ½ Term (5 weeks)

Ready Set Ballet (RSB)         $11.00 per lesson

Tiny Tumblers                         $10.00 per lesson

Package 1 – RSD + RSB + Tiny Tumblers = $32 per week / $160 ½ Term (5 weeks)

Package 2 – RSD + RSB or Tiny Tumblers = $24 per week / $120 ½ Term (5 weeks)


Performance Group $11.00 per week

Troupe Fee $40 per student per year


Registration Fee

1 student - $35.00

2nd student - $25.00 (siblings only)

3rd student - $15.00 (siblings only)

4th student - Free


Invoices are emailed twice each term.  They are emailed week 1 and week 5 of each term.  Invoices should be paid in full by week 2 and week 6 of each term (within 7 days of invoice date).  If you cannot pay your invoice in full, you must submit an email to to make arrangements.  Fees can be made in cash or via direct deposit as indicated on your invoice.


A late fee of $10.00 will be charged if fees are not paid as outlined above.  This fee is not negotiable and cannot be removed from the invoice under any circumstances. If payment is more than 3 weeks behind, your child will no longer be able to attend classes until all classes are paid for.  Each term must be paid in full to enable enrolment into the next term.


All enrolled classes must be paid for, whether your child attends or is absent.


If you wish to cancel your registration or change your classes, you must give 2 weeks written notice otherwise all classes must be paid for.



Make up lessons are only available for Ready Set Dance, Ready Set Ballet and Tiny Tumblers.  This is due to having multiple lessons available each week.  In term 4, no make up lessons are available unless the other class is performing the same routine at the concert as your child’s class.  All make up lessons must be booked in advance.  They must be made up with in 3 weeks of your child being absent from class. 



We cannot refund any money, except in the case that a class has been cancelled (which may happen rarely under extreme circumstances, or if the teacher is sick and a suitable substitute teacher cannot be found.)  Students on unlimited will not receive refunds as they are already receiving highly discounted classes.  Please note that we do not refund for any cancelled Performance Group classes, as Performance Group students receive many hours of additional staff time at eisteddfods and performances.  


In the case of severe injury where a student is unable to dance for 3 weeks or more, we can suspend an enrolment and issue a credit for those weeks’ fees in the following invoice. This is only if we are notified in advance and in writing, with details of the number of weeks the child will miss and provided with supporting documentation such as a medical certificate.



Private lessons are for selected students.  If you do not attend your scheduled lesson for your own reasons the class fee is forfeited.  If the class is cancelled due to DWPAS staff, a make-up lesson or refund will be granted.  If attendance at your group lessons is not regular you will forfeit your position in having a private lesson, this is at the discretion of the Studio Director.



DWPAS communicate through several means.  Our main source of communication is through email.  We will email and provide as much notice as possible for all events.  Some notes will also be handed out in class.  If your child is away it is your responsibility to ensure that you have received notes handed out the previous week. 

Please join our facebook groups.  We put reminders, updates, photos and lots more on these groups.

  • Danceworks Performing Arts Studio – Members Only
  • DWPAS Performance Group - Parents

Videos that are shared via social media are not to be shared without the Studio Directors permission.



Child safety is very important to us.  All teachers and staff at DWPAS have a WWCC (Working with Children Check). 



In the carpark, we have 5 allocated parking spaces.  Prior to 5pm, please park in these spaces.  There is also ample parking available on Mill Road.  After 5pm, there are more spaces available on our side of the units (Number 7).


Please supervise your children at all times in the carpark.  Please educate them not to leave the studio and roam around the carpark. 



This is a chance for the students to put on an exciting show up on the ‘big’ stage for all their friends and families.  It is one of the most memorable experiences of your child’s performing arts experience.  This is their special moment to shine on stage and show off their skills.  



Costumes for the concert are organised for each student.  You will be required to pay a $45 deposit for each costume (one for each genre) with a balance being given later.  Costumes generally range between $45 & $65 each.  Costume deposits are due by the end of Term 2.  If costume deposits are not paid, no costume will be ordered.  Costume deposits are non-refundable.  Please note that once costumes are ordered there will be no returns available under any circumstances. Costumes will not be handed to students unless full payment has been made and fees are up to date.


A concert fee is charged to all students.  This will include the concert DVD with both concerts, a 2020 finale shirt and rehearsal fees. The fee is $70 for first child and siblings is $25 for each additional child. This payment needs to be finalised by the end of Term 3. Please pay in an envelope to your teacher. If you wish to pay in instalments, you may do so, final payment is due end of Term 3.



Each year we hold photo day.  A professional photographer comes to us and takes photos of each group, plus a photo of each student full shot and close up.  This is done for every single costume.  Students will have full hair, make up and costumes on for photos.  These photos can then be ordered / purchased at the photo sale day. 


Students are encouraged to undertake our exams. This is a fantastic way for students to gain confidence and develop their skills in dance. It is also a great way to receive recognition for all their hard work they have put in during class. We take exams in jazz, tap & ballet. Students do exams from the age of 5, but will start learning the work well before. At the annual presentation day, students who have done exams will be rewarded with a certificate, report and either medal or trophy. We are registered to hold exams with ADA & Glenn Wood Tap.








Term One


Monday 3 February

First Day of Term 1

17 Feb – 22 February

Try any class week & Bring a friend week

30 March – 4 April

Open Week

4 April

Easter Disco (TBC)

4 – 9 April

Mufti Week (Easter)

Thursday 9 April

Last Day of Term 1



Term Two


Monday 27 April

First Day of Term 2

Monday 8 June

No classes – Public Holiday

22 – 27 June

Mufti Week

29 June – 4 July

Open Week

Saturday 4 July

Last Day Term 2



Term Three


Monday 20 July

First Day of Term 3

22, 23, 29, 30 August

Dance Blitz August

14 – 19 September

Mufti Week

21 – 26 September

Open Week

Saturday 26 September

Last Day of Term 3



Term Four


Monday 12 October

First Day of Term 4

26 - 31 October

Mufti Week (Halloween)

Saturday 2 November

Halloween Movie Night (TBC)


Presentation Day / Christmas Party


Photo Day


End of year concert series


Last Day of Term 4


Please note: These dates are subject to change